Device insurance, what’s it about?

| 13 November 2018

Purchasing insurance for your device can be a daunting exercise. How do you know which insurance to get, what are the differences between the different insurance products, how can you get all the information you need to know before buying insurance?

We’ve included some pointers to help you pick the right insurance for you.

Majority of the information you need and should know is found in the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) and also in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). It contains all the nitty gritty information and even though most of the time people don’t read them, when it comes to insurance you really should read the T&Cs and PDS.Ever wondered why people get so mad because their claim has been rejected, it’s because they don’t know the ins and outs of their insurance policy.

Remember, when purchasing insurance for your device (or other insurance) knowledge is key.

What to look for when comparing different insurance options

  • Make sure you understand the costs involved – how much it is to buy, how much the excess is, and how much it costs to cancel (if you choose to cancel)
  • Policy dates – how long your device is covered for
  • Cover periods – sometimes insurance options have a no cover period which means when you buy an insurance product your device may not be covered for an amount of time
  • Understand what is included – this can be found in the policy documents and on the websites – look for keywords like product disclosure statements (PDS), financial services guide (FSG), terms and conditions, and privacy terms
  • Understand what is not included – these are the exclusions which can be found in the product terms and conditions – usually towards the back of the document
  • Become familiar with the processes of making a claim – this should be explained in the terms and conditions and tells you how to make a claim, what to claim for and reasons for why claims may not be accepted

If you have questions about any products you can always contact the insurance provider for more information, or seek information on forums – a lot of the time people are asking the same question as you!

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