5 steps to saving your waterlogged phone

| 13 November 2018

Our mobile phones come with us everywhere, they are in our pockets, in our hands and sometimes even come with us for a quick trip to the bathroom. Unfortunately, this sometimes ends up with the phone going for a quick dip in the toilet bowl too.

What happens if your phone does take a dive off the deep end? We have some quick tips to help you save your phone to the best of your ability!

Step 1: Act fast

Water can do a lot of harmful damage to your mobile phone, once the mobile phone has been submerged grab it straight out of danger. Every second is crucial in the survival process.

Step 2: Prevent any further damage

Your mobile phone may blackout from the water damage, so do not try and turn your phone back on. It is common for us to panic and try start it back up, however turning the phone on can encourage short circuiting. Leave the phone as is.

Step 3: Pat it dry and repeat.

DO NOT pull out the hair dryer! This will cause more damage and push the water further in to those miniscule holes in the phone. All you need to do is Pat the phone dry. Repeat.

With a paper towel pat the phone dry. Repeat until no more water comes out. Progress to step 4.

Step 4: The rice theory

Rice isn’t just for cooking! We’ve all heard about the rice theory and how it can draw the water out of a soggy phone. Once you’ve completed step 3, fully submerge your phone in an airtight container of uncooked rice and then move on to step 5.

Step 5: Wait

Leaving the phone in rice for long periods of time can improve your chances of it surviving. Once you’ve hit 24 hours, give your phone a little shake to get rid of any stray rice grains. If liquid comes out, go back to step 3 and then step 4 again.

Now, While you’re waiting for the rice to soak the liquid out of your phone, reflect on how many of your previous phones have met their watery grave, or calculate how expensive it will be to replace or fix your phone!

Hint – it’s a lot.


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