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Why get Accidental Damage Cover for your new portable audio?

Accidental Damage Cover is insurance for your portable audio equipment such as headphones and speakers. It protects your device from the unexpected like drops, and spills.

Choose from


of Accidental Damage Cover

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for immediate protection

All cover levels include

Coverage anywhere in Australia & New Zealand

Minimal downtime repair guarantee

24/7 online claims via customer portal

Up to 90 days to get covered*

Reasonable Care

This means you need to take all reasonable precautions to prevent your portable audio equipment from being accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen.

Theft & Accidental Loss

Theft and Accidental Loss must be reported to the police within 24 hours of discovering the incident. You will need to provide the police report number along with details of the theft when lodging a claim.

Benefit Limit

The benefit limit is the amount you paid for your portable audio. The most that will be paid for all claims in the period of cover is the benefit limit.

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What is the right type of insurance for your portable headphones and speakers? Accidental Damage Cover offers you a choice of 2 different levels of cover to protect your equipment.

The below is a summary only. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply – please refer to the PDS/FSG for full details. Under all levels of cover, the benefit limit is the amount you paid for your device. The most that will be paid for all claims in the period of cover is the benefit limit. ^Additional benefits under each level of cover are in addition to the benefit limit.* No cover is available for the first 30 days from the day you purchase Accidental Damage Cover. The no cover period does not apply where the policy is purchased within 48 hours of the device purchase.

Features Basic Plus
accidental damage icon

Accidental Damage

Cover for accidental damage including drops, spills, and cracks.

Location Icon

Australia & New Zealand

Coverage for anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Repair Time Icon

Repair Time Guarantee^

Minimal downtime when your devices are getting fixed.

Online claims icon

Online Claims

Around the clock customer portal and claims.

90 Days Icon

90 Days*

Purchase cover within 90 days of new device purchase.

Accessory Icon


All accessories that came boxed with your device are covered.

terms icon

Choice of Term

Choose from 1 or 2 years cover for your new device (mobile phones and Basic Cover are limited to 1 year)

Theft and loss icon


Cover for devices stolen from your possession or from locked storage with forcible entry.

Accidental Loss

Protection for accidental loss arising from an identifiable event.

Unauthorised use icon

Unauthorised Use^

Cover for up to $1,000 of unauthorised calls for up to 24 hours if accidentally lost or stolen.

Tech Assistance Icon

Technical Assistance^

Advice on technical problems with hardware or the software provided with the device.