Parents, homework, and the digital era: Tips for tackling your child’s homework.

| 5 March 2019

Avoid not knowing how to help with homework!

Let’s face it. Sometimes your child’s homework becomes your homework and it’s as confusing as it was when you were in school. Unfortunately, this is a theme occurring through all levels of education. I remember asking my dad for help with uni level economics and he had absolutely no idea, even though he has a degree in economics…

Today, children are learning from devices. Meaning they’re learning about Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other commonly used online and digital tools. So parents, there’s now a need to brush up on your digital skills as well.

So how can you prepare yourself for those homework questions and mini assignments?

Re-skill yourself.

Brush up on math’s, English, and the sciences so you can understand the basics and help explain concepts to your child. Read through their books to get a quick idea of what is being taught in class and use the world wide web for more information.

Take full advantage of what technology has to offer! For general homework help, there are community based apps such as Brainly, PhotoStudy, Homework Help, Snapask, and to name a few. These apps provide near instant feedback on answering questions and also provide step by step processes rather than simply providing the answer. This way you’re able to support your child and their education if you’re not quite sure how to approach the problem.

Get familiar with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Don’t be ashamed to Google – it pretty much knows everything! Youtube is also a great source and has lots of tutorials uploaded for your perusal. Microsoft office (owners of word, powerpoint, and excel etc.) also have a forum to help answer all your questions as well as a selection of training modules. Very handy and easy to get through!

Stay on top of teaching trends and materials.

If you have the time and or the energy to do so – read the novels that are on your child’s reading list and encourage conversation based around those books.

Become the student.

Get your child talking about their school day and what they learnt, try asking open questions about their subjects. Reiterating what they learnt in class that day will help it to stick inside their expanding minds.

If all of this seems overwhelming, time consuming, or even a unicorn idea dreamt up by someone in their 30s with no children, there’s always an alternative…

Call in the experts. Private tutors.

If you can’t get your head around the homework or don’t have the time (after all, everyone is busy with their own day to day things), call in the experts. If you see your child struggling with some concepts early on, it might be a good idea to consult with the class teacher to see if private tutoring is beneficial for your child. The earlier the better.


Just remember, there is always a way to support your child’s education, you just need to experiment with ways that work best for both you and them.

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