Help prevent the hack

| 13 November 2018

Our personal information is in the palm of our hands.

Below are just a few tips we’ve come up with to help you keep the information contained in your mobile phone secure.

Keep your mobile phone up to date.
Software updates are released often and helps to protect your mobile phone and your information, has bug fixes, and keep your phone up to date with increased security.

Be mindful of the apps you’re installing and know what’s on your phone!
Keep an eye out for any changes you may see to each app. Some apps can be hacked and used to hack your phone.

Keep a lock on your phone.
Always make sure your phone has a 6 or 8-digit pass code to unlock your phone, has a fingerprint requirement, or face recognition abilities to unlock your phone. Make sure you use these features!

Track and lock your phone with Track My Phone abilities.
Track your devices. Tracking your phone will help you to know what actions you need to take like blocking your credits cards if your phone has been stolen, shutting down your apps and changing passwords on all your apps and other devices.

Logout out of apps that contain important information
Always log out of apps that contain all your essential information or bank account information. Most banking apps these days require passwords to open the app. If you’re not using apps but a browser instead, make sure you log out once you’ve finished with whatever you’re doing. Simply closing the browser doesn’t mean you’ve logged out.

If you’re all over the above tips and you’re still worried about your phone being hacked or losing your data, you might want to look in to some insurance options that offer data protection and cyber attack features.

Accidental Damage for Mobile Phones

We offer 3 levels of Accidental Damage Cover so you can pick the level of mobile phone insurance that suits you and your mobile device usage.

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