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Brightside Accidental Damage Cover (all levels) are no longer available for purchase from 24 May 2020.

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  • How do I make a claim?

    There are currently two ways in which you can make a claim:

    1. You can lodge your claim online by logging into your My Cover Under ‘My Claims’ on the navigation bar click the ‘Make a claim’ option from here you will need to select the device you wish to make a claim on and complete the relevant claim details.
    2. By calling us on 1300 622 833. One of our friendly team members will ask you a bunch of questions relating to your claim and provide you with next steps.

    We know how stressful it can be when things go wrong, so we have tried to make our claims process as quick and hassle free as we can.

  • Do I need any additional documentation?

    Different types of claims require different supporting documentation.

    For all claims we will require you to provide proof of purchase. If you uploaded a copy of your tax invoice at the time of purchasing your policy or have stored a copy in your My Cover account, then you won’t need to submit this with your claim. However, if we don’t already have this on file then it will be a requirement that you provide this at the time of submitting your claim.

    For claims relating to theft and accidental loss you may be asked to provide one or all of the following documents:

    • proof of damage or loss
    • police report
    • signed statutory declaration
    • proof of IMEI number cancellation

    Once we have all the relevant information and additional documentation to support your claim, we can get onto sorting it straight away for you.

  • Do I have to pay an excess?

    If you have a claim that is approved for accidental damage to or loss or theft of your insured device, you will be required to pay an excess.

    The amount of the excess depends on the type of device insured and the type of claim your making and is shown on your Policy Schedule.

    Once we have decided on the remedy for your claim, we will contact you to arrange payment for the applicable excess.

  • How can I check the status of my claim?

    You’ll be notified via email of any status changes to your claim.

    You can also view the status of your claim by logging into your My Cover account. The claim status is shown in the claims summary section on your My Cover dashboard.

  • How many claims can I make under my policy?

    This is hard to say as it depends on a few factors, like:

    • the amount you paid for your device (this is known as the benefit limit)
    • the type of claim your making
    • if you have made other claims during your policy period

    The most we will pay you for all claims in the period of cover is the benefit limit (this does not include claims for any additional benefits). If your device cannot be repaired and the replacement device exceeds the remaining benefit limit available, we will pay you the remainder of your benefit limit, less any applicable excess.

    If you have Accidental Damage Cover Plus or Platinum, you can have one (1) theft or one (1) accidental loss claim during the policy period. However, if there has been previous accidental damage claim(s), the available benefit for theft and accidental loss is reduced by the amount of the accidental damage claims incurred.

  • How do I file a police report (when my phone has been lost or stolen)?

    If your device has been lost or stolen, you will need to file a police report within 24 hours of discovery of the theft or loss before lodging a claim with us. You will need to provide a copy of the police report to us upon request. There are several ways to file a police report.

    1. Visit your nearest police station and report the incident in person
    2. Call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 which is a nationally based number
    3. Go online to your state services portal or online to the State Police Web page
  • How do I block my IMEI number (when my phone has been lost or stolen)?

    If your phone has been lost or stolen, you’ll need to call your service provider and ask them for an IMEI block. Only your service provider can block an IMEI number.

    Below is a list of a few service providers and their contact numbers:

    • Telstra 125 111
    • Optus 13 39 37
    • Vodafone 1555 on your mobile or 1300 650 410
    • Virgin Mobile 1300 555 100
    • Lycamobile 122 on your mobile or 1300 854 607
    • Lebara 126 122 on your mobile or 1300 126 122
  • Are there any time restrictions when making a claim?

    You should notify Brightside Cover of a claim within 7 days by:

    Please be aware that if you don’t make a claim straight away, for whatever reason, you are still required to provide us with a police report and proof that your IMEI number was blocked by your service provider within 24 hours of the incident.