How to deal with a broken phone

| 7 June 2019

It’s been 2 years and 9 months since I last damaged a mobile phone…

Damage beyond cracked screens brings to light an array of emotions. Breathlessness, despair, relief, and despair again. Depending on the severity of the accidental drop, the break can be superficial or within the phone. That’s when you get the colourful lines and inability to use your phone. With a broken screen, more often than not, the functionality of the phone is still ok. If you happen to drop your phone and the screen doesn’t crack, but there is a vertical  rainbow in your phone, then you may have more than screen damage.

When this does happen, there are some issues you need to consider. For example, I dropped my iPhone 6S and couldn’t complete the simplest tasks or functions. Unlocking the phone, scanning my thumb print, putting in a pass-code, seeing any of the numbers on the screen, none of this was possible.

The issues that arise from a broken phone like this are tenfold. Not only are you without a phone, but at times you’re unable to access your device to clear it of information. If a phone is being repaired, often a requirement is that your phone is wiped.

But how do you get to that point?

If your phone is connected to other devices via a cloud service, things may be a little easier. For example, Apple products can be connected by an Apple account. Luckily for me, this was the case. I could access my laptop to check my photos, contacts, and other important details were synced. Not all was lost so far.

What happens next? 

Take your phone to be assessed and you’ll be provided with a few options such as:

  • repairing the phone
  • replacing the phone (if it’s in the warranty or insurance period)
  • purchasing a new phone outright, or
  • seek a temporary phone from a family member until you get a new phone (that’s what i’m doing)
  • live with the broken phone until one of the above options becomes available

When repairing the phone is an option, your consent and acknowledgement will probably need to be given. Why? So repairers are not liable for any information that has been lost. If your phone is beyond repair, and in the warranty or insurance period, you may be offered a replacement phone. In this case, you’ll need to ask what the process is to wiping the damaged phone (seeing as you can’t because of the rainbows). If you choose to buy a brand new phone you may want to seek advice on wiping your phone of it’s data so it can be recycled!

Either way. There is a lot to think about when your phone is damaged beyond a cracked screen.

The moral of this story is…

Even if you are careful with your devices, it’s in those ‘loss of concentration’ moments that can change everything. Having a case on your phone may help the longevity of your phone. If you’re a purist and don’t want your phone marred by a case,  you may be sporting a cracked back cover or screen. In those instances, having a cracked screen is a lot worse than having device insurance or forking out money to repeatedly fix a broken screen.

Reminiscing on all the damage I’ve done to previous phones, I can appreciate the existence of insurance products. 

And so it’s time to reset the “how many days it has been since I’ve broken a phone” count to 0.

Accidental Damage for Mobile Phones

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