Back to uni checklist

| 14 February 2020

Prepping for the upcoming semester is easier than you think

Going back to school was always exciting, and that feeling only grew when the start of uni semesters began – what better excuse to go stationery shopping than to motivate you for the upcoming semester? Uni’s, Tafe’s, Colleges, and other educational institutions are either in O-Week or they’re just about to start O-Week, and what follows is the start of a 3 month (give or take) semester. So, are you prepped and ready for the slog ahead? Do you have the essentials packed and ready to go? Below is a list of things you may need for the semester/year ahead of you.

Choose what works best for you

Whether you prefer to use a laptop or tablet make sure the software is up to date, there is enough space on your hard drive, your cloud service or external hard drive has enough space on it, and you’ve got the needed programs installed and ready to go.

As dorky as it might sound – get a screen protector for your laptop or tablet and get a protective case for them as well – you never know what may happen – the more protected your devices the lesser chance of that unclosed water bottle damaging your device.

Your educational institution should have an on-campus IT Help Desk – utilise them for any tech issues you may have throughout the semester.

How to use your phone for your studies 

A common phrase these days is “there’s an app for that” or something along those lines. And you guessed it, there’s more than likely an app for your educational institution that you might want to download. Information, updates, and resources are literally in the palm of your hand.

The bigger Uni’s like UTS, USYD, UNSW, UQ, Melbourne Uni, La Trobe, UoSA, UWS, UoW all have apps. TAFE NSW has a few apps depending on what course you’re doing. Some private colleges may have apps but you’ll need to check in with them as they may be private apps. In any circumstance, it’s best to check in with your student info centre to see if there is anything available.

Back up tools – stationery 

It’s always good to have a notebook in your bag for those times your tech runs out of battery or you need to scribble and draw things quickly. Stationery is a great excuse to make your study notes more engaging and interactive, think post-it notes, highlighters, sharpies, you name it – I’m all over it. Jump on Pinterest to find some study note goals.

Also – for those final exams, you’ll need pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters.

Picking the right bag

I cannot stress this enough – invest in a good bag that is sturdy and will hold your technology, your text books, notebook and your other items. If you’re at uni all day, catching public transport, walking around campus, a decent bag will make all the difference.

Studying at home

If you can avoid it, refrain from studying in the bedroom. Separating your study space and sleeping space is essential for switching off and compartmentalising. Set up a designated study space and have your textbooks, stationery, technology, snacks, and anything else you need to help you study. If everything is in proximity it should (fingers crossed) reduce distractions.


With all that in mind, good luck for the upcoming semester!


Soon to be Uni Graduate.


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