About Brightside Cover

Getting to know us

Our history, what we do, and our values

We get it

We are a Bright and happy group of people who understand that sometimes, the unexpected happens. That’s why we’ve created device insurance to suit your device.

What we do

We sell device insurance to the people of Australia.

We protect your most used devices from unexpected things like accidental damage, broken or cracked screens, water damage, accidental loss, theft, and we even provide a few extra services such as cyber assist and data recovery for those of you who purchase our top level of cover.

Our product is pretty easy to understand. It’s called Accidental Damage Cover and there are 3 different levels of cover to choose from. 

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Australian and proud of it

We could be neighbours, that’s how close we are.

Why is this important? Because we understand the frustration of when our things don’t work. Streuth, it happens to us as well!

Our team of specialists are specially trained and hand picked to help you. Our office hours are between 8:30am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays.

If your device breaks outside of these hours and you want to start a claim straight away, you can start it online and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as they’re in the office!

Our Values

We have three core values that are the building blocks to Brightside.

We like to
Create New Possibilities

We are adventurous investigators who have the courage to try new things and the tenacity to bring opportunities to life. We solve problems with sophisticated simplicity. And embrace change by being proactive, inquisitive, and flexible.


We always
Deliver on Promises

We drive results by getting things done and taking ownership. We value initiative and lead by example by doing what we say we are going to do.



We believe in the
Power of the Group

We make everyday a happy day and are energised by collaborating together. We are passionate about relationships and have fun celebrating our successes.