10 signs you may be addicted to your mobile phone

| 13 November 2018

Recently a colleague was apart from her phone for 6 hours while it was being repaired. All that was left was the protective case. Without registering the phone was no longer around, the phone case was picked up on a regular basis to check the time, to use the calculator, to check the socials, and calendar. The amount of times in that 6 hour period she’d pick up that phone case was entertaining, but got us thinking… how addicted to our phones are we?

Based off of our own experiences we’ve collated the below signs you may be addicted to your phone.

  • You check your phone for the time, even though you’re wearing a watch.
  • You constantly feel your phone vibrating in your pocket – even though it’s not.
  • You go to check a message and end up in a YouTube spiral looking at baby goat videos
  • You hear your ringtone in every song you hear
  • It’s always in your hand or in your line of sight
  • Your phone is the first thing you check when you wake up every morning
  • You freak out when you don’t know where it is (it’s in your hand silly)
  • You pray to the new and old gods when you drop your phone that it hasn’t broken in anyway shape or form
  • When you’re telling a story you have photos, texts, videos to aid your story
  • The thought of being without your phone makes you uncomfortable

Got a perfect score of 10? If you’re a little worried about your score, don’t worry, we’re in the same boat too. Adding a new New Year resolution to the list – spend less time on our devices.

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